Innovative technology aiming to save the lives of cyclists

The DawesGuard, developed by Dawes Highway Safety, is a revolutionary safety device designed to save the lives of cyclists in urban areas. ROSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) recently reported that around 75% of fatal or serious cyclist accidents occur in urban areas.

What does it do?

The DawesGuard is a safety system which creates a shield across the danger zone between the axles of large vehicles. Therefore, in the event of a collision it prevents a cyclist falling between that danger zone and significantly reduces the risk of fatal injuries. The Dawes Guard incorporates a drop down technology which is a pneumatically operated inflatable and retractable system that aims to prevent cyclists under run accidents (where a cyclist falls and is dragged under the wheels of a HGV) by creating a protective barrier between the road surface, vehicle underside and vehicle wheels whilst operating on the roads. Simply getting knocked off a bike provides sufficiently better chances of survival than being crushed by the tyres of an HGV after all. The panels are made from shatterproof plastic and also reduce the risk of entanglement of clothing and bicycle parts.

Has it been tested?

The DawesGuard made its debut at the Transport for London’s (TfL) Construction Logistics and Cycle Safety (CLOCS) project on March 23rd 2016. The DawesGuard was fitted to a Dennis Eagle Skip Loader (HGV) and the vehicle was immediately put to work. Along with an ISS ‘cyclear’ & camera system, and Dawes Highway ‘people panels’, the HGV was dubbed as an excellent ‘Urban Safety Vehicle’ and received excellent feedback from construction workers and operatives alike, while on the road people seeing the system also reacted very positively.

Well done to Dawes Highway Safety for developing this product and for taking the next step to making cycling much safer on our roads.

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