“Bench Trial or Jury Trial?” New York Personal Injury Lawyer Gerry Oginski Explains

http://www.oginski-law.com When you bring a lawsuit in New York in an accident or medical malpractice wrongful death case, you have the ability to choose …


  1. I was in a horrific car accident where an impaired driver hit not only myself but my vehicle it was all caught on surveillance video and it's breathtaking I'm in limbo between two lawyers what's your thoughts on how to settle on one or the other

  2. How come you don't use your real name and stand up for what you believe in? Why do you hide behind a fake name? Not to worry, I'm not going to change your opinion about anything. You are welcome to your opinion. In case you didn't know, lawsuits are not a lottery. Ever. Compensation is the cornerstone of the judicial system going back thousands of years to biblical times. Yes, biblical times. BTW, I don't advertise on TV.

  3. I think personal injury attorneys in NY, such as yourself, can be very evil, greedy people. You prey on the poor and uneducated with flashy television commercials broadcasted during trashy shows such as "Maury" and "Jerry Springer" during the middle of the work day implying that they can win the lottery through the legal system. Make your money, show your videos because this party for attorneys in this state will not last forever.& pray, you can get away from man but you can't get away from God

  4. Whether you agree or not, that's the law in NY. I disagree with your statement that jury trials are almost always in favor of the poor single mother of three. Juries are made up of members of your community and are pretty savvy when deciding cases. Did you know that the majority of medical malpractice cases are settled prior to trial? Of those small % of cases that go to trial, the majority of those are won by the doctors and hospitals here in NY. That's a fact.

  5. I think it's bull that a plaintiff can choose the trial method. That should be a defendant right only. The defendant is the one with money at stake and jury trials are almost always in favor of the poor single mother of 3 who wants 100 million dollars because her feelings were hurt on the job

  6. Well, a defendant can choice between bench and jury trial,but if I am not wrong also the attorney of the Commonwealth can, and both of them must agree with the bench-trial decision. in civil-law countries bench trial is the best option for an innocent doctor challenged of malpractise,but in America there is Common Law and the precedent ,even if absurd in term of medical science, makes law

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