Halloween: Your guide to staying safe

Halloween is nearly upon us and you’re probably planning whether to dress up as a plump pumpkin, wicked witch or ghostly ghoul not thinking about the possibility of an accident to either yourself or your children.

Research has revealed that Halloween is now one of the UK’s highest-spending occasions. Although for the most of us, Halloween is a time for fun, the festivities can turn into a nightmare. Here’s what to look out for:-

Costumes causing injury

Halloween costumes are great but can be a cause of serious injury. Be sure to check the labels on all costumes to see if they are fire resistant before you buy them. Also, ensure that props such as devil forks, broomsticks are not faulty and that they don’t become hazards for children or anyone else.

Face paints

Face paints are lots of fun however, you could end up with a rash, burns or other reactions which could cause serious injuries. Ensure that you check the components of the paints before to ensure you are not allergic.

Trip hazards

Be sure to check that there are no defects on the footpaths, roads and drives which could cause injury.

Being visible

Costumes are also naturally dark and sombre. This is great for playing the character of a macabre witch, wizard or ghoul but could mean that they will not be seen by drivers on a typically dark Halloween evening. Make sure your costume has a reflective strip so it can be seen by drivers.

Naked flames

Make sure your children don’t touch carved pumpkins containing naked flames which are often left on doorsteps (see above).

Low flying witches

Watch out for low-flying witches on broomsticks and we hope your Halloween is full of ghostly fun…

Ellie Buckley
Ellie Buckley


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